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Career Opportunities

  • Property Manager/year round.  This position requires the candidate to be able to perform various handyman tasks.  Experience in construction, electrical, and grounds maintenance a plus.  The candidate will be required to live full time on the property.  The Sanctuary will provide him with a cabin to be built for his family.  As of right now there is no financial compensation available, but as the Mega Floral Tree project gets underway in 2013; and the City Slickers Safari begins operations in 2013, then there will be opportunities for a salary. 
  • Manual Labors are needed right now.  Come join The Sanctuary today!  Tent camping, food, and small stipends will be provide.  Once the cabins are built, volunteers will be able to live in them.
Upcoming Projects

City Slicker Hunting Safaris

This project will begin next hunting season.  We need to clear land, mill the lumber, build the cabins and the mess hall first.
Come help this summer!

Mega Floral Aspen Tree Project

The test project begins in July 2012.  20 Trees will be planted as a test to see if they can survive a winter.  If successful, 2 acres of trees will be planted in the spring of 2013.  The Mega Floral Tree southern version has been so successful that China has ordered 200 million of these trees!  They grow to 8 inches in diameter and 50 feet in height in less than 3 years!



This is a costly endeavor to provide sewage, water, and electricity.  This phase will require donations from other brothers and sisters to make this happen. 
Can you help today?