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Shalom means "peace."  But if we stop with that definition, we don't all understand really what shalom is all about.  Imagine that you are crossing a raging river, hopping from one stone to the next.  Some of the stones are slippery and wet.  Some stones are wobbly and uneven.  But one stone, right in the middle of all this insecurity, is solid, dry, large and stable.  What is ahead of you is unknown.  What is behind you is uncomfortable.  But this place, right here, in this moment, is "shalom."

That's what we desire for our community.  Amidst all the craziness, the disappointments and the frustrations in life.  It's good to find some shalom: sharing the love, trusting in the God who offers us peace that transcends all understanding.  We invite you to come and share this with us.
"Beit Ahavat Yeshua" means "House of Yeshua's Love."  We've come to realize that any pursuit of peace in our lives, without the risen Messiah, is a slippery idea at best.  We are finding that the way things look, from our perspective, can be scary and confusing; but when we place our trust in the solid foundation that is described by Rabbainu Yeshua (our great Teacher), we can really find peace.  We are getting to know Him, more and more each day.  We are learning to live in a way that reflects the sense of peace and hope that He promised in His teachings, and experienced by His mortal life.  We are growing in ways that we could have never imagined, finding ourselves on the Solid and Faithful Rock.
The Meeting of the Saints every Saturday @ 11:30 AM
we worship, praise, celebrate the Lord's Supper, fellowship eat, and fellowship some more.